Digital Lifestyles 32" Widescreen LCD HDTV

Yeah, the kind of beer that makes you gaze down and your swinging, pendulous breasts and say “wow, I’m such a smoking hot soccer mom.”

Well, you just keep shopping over at Neiman Marcus, while the rest of us men go out there and kill some game, gut it with our yellowed teeth, and slam it back with a cold, 8oz tidal wave of refreshing, thirst quenching Zima, the only drink proven to make zebra wangs shrivel up in waves of pure intimidation.



Wootoff Killer

that’s just mean…




Digital Lifestyles?


what kind of brand “digital lifestyle?”

a 32 inch tv fro $500? What’s this world coming to?

:::hoping there’s only one of these:::

Nothing has looked so good after the last one

it’s so ugly though

wow gotta have it

do not want