Digital Multimeter

Does this include test lead cables or do I need to buy those separately?

Same Question re the required leads?

According to
[list][] (scroll down to the “Customer Questions & Answers” section)[],-AC,-DC,-Volt,-Current,-Resistance,-Transistor-and-Range-Measurement-with-Protective-Rubber-Case[/list] it does.

Also, this appears to be the exact same model as the “BK 66B7000 Professional Digital Multimeter & Network Cable Tester”

Better pictures and description there.

Not to be confused with the established and much more famous “BK Precision” or “B&K Precision” brand.

I would get an auto-ranging model.

BK, Fluke etc. are quality brands. Plyle? There may be a reason it is named Pyle (pile).

Really Woot, get some name brands and stop with all the junk.

quality isn’t great.