Digital Photo Christmas Decoration

I like how the snowman says “DRUGS”

Does the snowman say “DRUGS”??

Will these work with a Mac?

will this work with a Mac?

Will these work for Hanukkah?

Woah! Does that snowman say DRUGS ???


"Well, we can’t ship food, "

Aren’t pistachios, cheese, and wine considered food?

Lies, woot, Lies!

I guess we all know why snowmen are always so happy now.

how big are these things? Could be tiny!

The snowman have drugs inside his stomach… how typical D;

What kind of drugs come in the Snowman?

bought 3 of these last week

I am quite tempted to put images of fish in the penguin’s belly.

Quite tempted.

Ha! The prop 19 Snow man is the first thing I noticed too!

Anyone else notice that the snowman says “DRUGS”? Weird… and funny. Testing their theories on subliminal messaging, perhaps?

Hey has anyone noticed the snowman says Drugs on it?

love the pics - that’s what I want on my tree - a fire, a drugstore, and a broken TV

No penguin for sale? No dice.

Oh great… the Teletubbies in disguise!!!