Digital Photo Ornament

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Digital Photo Ornament
$3.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Merry Christmas!

Woo hoo!

Its Christmas in…March?

They’re so cute!

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Only slightly out of season, eh?

Got 2 of these in my Santa’s bag of coal…


Only 10 months to Christmas…


I got this item in a bag of crap around December. It’s pretty nice but you need to install the software to be able to add pictures to your ornament.

quick everyone, bite faster!

Future BOC item

Crappy resolution. Not worth the money if you ask me.

High-speed USB 1.1 connection

got these in my last B.O.C before xmas…never used it though

Whoo hoo, just in time for Christmas. Hey, wait a minute, St Patty’s day??? What???

I got one of these in a Bag of Crap, it is NOT at all Mac compatible, not even with my Mac Ninja hacking skills.

Hi, I’m random, have we met?

Got this in the WORST WOOT-OFF BAG OF CRAP EVER just before Christmas last year. Came with those wookie looking handbags. It was totally depressing. Everybody (almost) got the same crapalicious stuff.

got one of these in a boggy ol creature. pain in the butt to set up. display is small & crap quality.
once you have it set up & on the tree its alright.