Digital Pressure Cooker

WARNING!!! NO electric pressure cooker is safe for pressure canning. It can be used for water bath canning, but so can any pot deep enough to cover the canning jars. Please do not risk your health and possibly your life. Botulism is nothing to mess around with.

Wooters. If you eat, buy this. You will not be sorry. I have one. I put dry noodles spaghetti tomato sauce oregano etc and 15 min later we are eating homemade Mac and cheese dry noodle milk cheese ( u get the idea) and 10 min later viola great gooey dinner. I’ve done ribs, a roast, and to die for chili and sloppy joes ( easterners you can read that as "Hamburg ok?)
One pot to clean! I never give testimonials-- this deserves one.

Does this come with the ladle, recipe and canning books, measuring cup and condensation catcher?

Everything except the recipe and canning books, yes.