Digital Video Camera

Great child’s starter camera!

Is the battery AAA or AA or is a USB charger only type?

If I gave this to my kids it would prob get returned to me via the back of my head.

Whats the maximum resolution?

HD please! LOOOL!

thats about it…

ok well… i guess were supposed to by our own boc now… individual boc 's… great

Does it work with Sansa?

“Allows you to read E-Books”

Oh man! Just what I’ve ALWAYS wanted!

Is this what they used to shoot Avatar?

Can I use it in sunlight?

i think there r 85 of these

The buyer that bought these in bulk for woot must of been drunk… or they left these on woots back door step like an unwanted child.

Awww haha, sadly that’s so true.

I’m tempted to buy one, and attach it to a couple helium balloons.

Thanks for the laugh!

“on a 2 inch screen” What is that 2 words at a time?

Pretty Legit!


* Records MPEG4 Movies, WAV Files and JPEG Photos
* 2" LCD View Screen
* 64 MB Built-in Memory
* Supports 1 GB SD/MMC Cards (not included)
* Excellent Lowlight Capability
* MP3 Player with Lyrics Display
* Can also be used as a PC camera
* Includes USB Cable and Earbuds


Manufactured by:
GFM Electronics
Mfg Part No:
Adorama SKU:
Shipping Weight:
0.9 pounds
Dimensions (W x H x D):
11.60" 1.80" 6.20" / 29.5 x 4.6 x 15.7mm

The GFM DV-150 Digital Camera with VGA advanced sensor can take DVD-Quality MPEG-4 movies. By way of using MPEG-4 technology, more videos can be taken within certain amount of memory. Your camera features outstanding video quality, especially in low light condition. With a color LCD monitor, users can compose images and examine them easily.

Exposure and color balance can either be adjusted automatically or allowed to be changed manually. An 2x digital zoom increases user control over the movies and pictures you take. The camera is also ideally suited for using as a PC camera hooked up to your home computer via high speed USB 2.0 port.

Build-in 64 MB memory allows you to take pictures and movies without memory card. The memory card slot allows users to increase the storage capacity up to 1GB.

“For the next 24 hours only, we’ll ALSO throw in this FREE installation CD! Don’t delay!”

That’s the deal maker there.