Digital Video Camera


Woot you couldn’t pay me to use this thing.

Where am I supposed to find 1Gb SD Cards these days?!?!?!?!?

what the hell is this???

anybody own one of these???

64mb? Serious?

No specs on the resolution? Anyone have one of these things and does it actually work decently in low light?

Any idea about the resolution of this little gem?

Oh, these must be for use in voyeur quality videos

hello future BOC item, I cant wait to take you apart and play with your insides

E-book reader + 2" screen = hilarious

Looks like I have plenty of time to drive to work…

Since when does woot sell things with memory capacities designed for the mid 90s?

Nothing but the finest here

So it plays a single 5 minute MP3 song or 10 seconds of video?

I was worried, until I saw that it can read eBooks.

Why can it read eBooks?

Don’t play me like this woot. I almost cried a little when I saw this.

so is this a good deal just for little ones

prolly not very well…maybe you could use a flashlight with it!!!


It’s $13! What do you all expect for $13? Geez, you all sound a bit like spoiled 14 year olds.