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Digital Video Camera [New] - $12.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * GFM DV-150 3 n 1 Digital Movie Camera

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dang…any night now


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Digital Video Camera
$12.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 GFM DV-150 3 n 1 Digital Movie Camera

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> comment about how worthless this thing is, worst woot-off ever, etc.

17.99 for one
buy me

What on earth is the point of e-book support on a VIDEO CAMERA?

i hate the world.

also, is 64MB of memory even a real thing anymore?

That little speaker grille makes it look like an old school AM radio.

How does this perform compared to a flip camcorder?

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that was fast, barry went bye bye

has there been a box o cats yet?

Ahaha they only had 2.

From the thumbnail, I thought it was a Flip Camera. With further investigation, it it a “Digital Video Camera” looks disposable.

I got this several woot offs ago and I like it so I ordered one but it’s GONE.

Dang! Should have been quicker!