Digital Voice Recorders

I have had digital voice recorders for about 15 years and literally always have mine in my pocket. I use mine to record notes to myself; meetings; souvenirs of travel (instead of with a camera). It’s great to be able to upload files to the computer.

That said, I would go with a name brand recorder instead. Olympus makes a bunch. I’d suggest the VN721-PC as comparable to this in price and features. See

FYI, Adorama has this same voice recorder for $2.50 less, and only $5.25 shipping. Always pays to check around.

Thank you for the advice, I am going to take you up on it.

Same here.

Extremely disappointed, used it all of three times… and the USB stopped working… Which defeats the point of owning it…

That’s a bummer! I’m not sure which of the two you ordered, but both of these recorders have a 1 yr warranty with Pyle. I’d recommend getting in touch with them.

If you need any additional help, please email with your situation and order details.