Digital2 7" Android 4GB Wi-Fi Tablets

Thoughts, anyone? Looking for a cheap tablet to keep around the house and use exclusively on wifi, mostly as a controller for a Sonos music system. This seems to fit the bill, but would love some input from the Woot hive mind!

Single core?
512mb RAM?

Android 4.x… it ain’t gonna be fast.

Do you not have any old smart phones laying around, that most likely would have more power than this? Those make GREAT controllers/wifi device/music player/etc/etc/etc for just about everything. You can’t open your eyes these days without seeing an old smartphone laying around that you yourself has or a friend/family has they want to get rid of.

… just saying. Everyone forgets these are perfectly capable devices, they are only deemed “old” by the users and 2 year contracts but can run circles around junk tablets like this one.

Can you download apps from the Play store with this?

MSRP is total nonsense. We are not that stupid.

Yup. Amazon claims that the MSRP is $69.99, $79.99, or $129.99, depending on the color (?!) and even those numbers are a bit high. New, it looks like it’s going for $49.99.

The reviews on Amazon are pretty bad, which is expected for a tablet like this. It’s seriously underpowered, with insufficient memory and storage, and a crappy display. Even at this price, I’d stay away from it.

I’m looking for something simple to run the square register and only that. Would this work?

If you’re ok with potentially missing sales and infuriating customers. Probably should go with a used ipad.

It’s a sad day in Wootville friends. They actually paid staff to put these up for sale. Three guesses what will be in the next Woot-off BOC .



I’ve used a similar tablet, spec and size-wise. It’s junk. Screen requires mashing on it to work, resolution isn’t great, struggles with videos. We hoped it would be a cheap thing to watch videos on for trips but it sits in a drawer for some reason rather than the garbage can. Games like the original Angry Birds (which came pre-installed on ours amusingly enough) are pretty unplayable. At least ours was a gift so we didn’t pay for it.

I almost never comment on here but after reading these comments I couldn’t help it. The same goes with the Amazon comments on tablets at this level.

1 question. Why are trying to compare them to high tablets? Really… At this price point you can’t even find a used low end broken tablet.

I have tablets at all ends of the spectrum and as long as you are realistic with the expectations this could be a great tablet for a lot of people out there. Minus any hardware malfunctions low end tablets function pretty damn well as a e-reader/audio-video player/notepad/web browser/simple gaming system.

And at this price point you won’t freak out when/if it breaks. And you can have the convenience of multiple tablets for lest the cost of a refurbed mid-range on like a Asus MeMopad.

Please stop shooting down products just because you think they’re beneath your standards.

While I agree with your logic on expectations, I would think most on woot are relatively tech saavy and like to get the biggest bang for their buck. The issue comes in that the tablet can do those basic functions. You purchase it, to give it to an elderly mother that doesn’t really play games, just wants to read her books and the news and check some email. This should be sufficient to do those things. Then the granddaughter walks in and wants to play Angry Birds, and because grandma has a tablet that has it preloaded -it must work, right? Well - now grandma is calling me because Angry Birds doesn’t work on her tablet. *facepalm. Even explaining when you hand it over that it’s not made for that doesn’t work very well.

Now - all that to say - if you’re handing it to someone for a use like that - you should like take everything off that won’t work, but - there are lazy people everywhere. Just my 2 cents on why people would be lambasting a purchase like this.

I bought these for the purpose it was designed… a cheap/entry level tablet. I was very disappointed and returned both of the tablets I ordered. The controls are extremely difficult to manipulate. Difficult for an adult, impossible for a young child. The tablet has many compatibility issues with common platforms, so the number of apps you can use are VERY limited. Most games and education apps cannot be used. You expect this tablet to be slow, but it is far too slow for modern data downloading. Forget being able to run anything but audio files, or very low resolution pictures. My kids and I ended our experience with this very frustrated… it’s a piece of junk that’s you wouldn’t want if it were being given away.

I would have been OVERJOYED to have gotten one of these in my last BOC. Grumble grumble grumble, darned new evil overlords… Dumb BOC with actualy crappy crap in it…

I bought 3 for my kids. To put it simple you get what you pay for. There very slow, and not much space for more then 2 apts at a time if your lucky.

I bought one for each of my younger girls. Total of two came in on Saturday and one quit working by Saturday night. The unit will not charge. Sending these puppies back to their master. They are also very slow and quick to crash. Not even good enough for a throwaway unit for young kids to play with. Total disappointment even with my lowered expectations.

this is a piece of crap! stay Away!