Dignus One Wines Cabernet Sauvignon (6)

Roughly 24.2 between the lots but we don’t water down or de-alc the wine either.

Way better on taxes to be incorporated in Texas as well.

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Can you discuss your maceration time and fermentation practice as well?
How long in what types of oak?

The lots for this Cabernet were cold soaked prior to fermentation for 2 days. The fermentation started with indigenous yeast and ar finished them with a commercial strain of byannus. No extended maceration was practiced. Cooperage wad 100% French oak of which 40% wad new. Time in barrel was approximamonths 26 months.

One last question, and apologies if I missed this in the thread or notes, but the website is a bit spartan. It appears you blended from separate lots, do you have notes on the percentages of each used.

Thanks for checking in, this is what makes this place special for us.

I do, but I will need to get those from the Winery which will not be until later this evening.

Hope there is still some left…


Clearly this isn’t going to last.
Congrats on the likely sellout.
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Still hoping for the blending notes.

really? if you want low alcohol down buy grape juice me? keep it coming

Not sure what that sentence actually says, but he wants low alcohol because it increases age-ability, which is a great thing in a cab.