Dignus One Wines Cabernet Sauvignon (6)



Dignus One Wines 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon 6-Pack
$69.99 (Normally $131.90) 47% off List Price
2006 Dignus One Cabernet Sauvignon, Sierra Foothills
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Hey! Where’s that cab. Guy? He needs to on over and buy all this.


Rinaldi? He bought it last time. I wonder what he thinks of this one…


Not sure how to think of this one…but tobacco (smell or taste) and mushrooms to me just doesn’t help me buy…guess I’ll go look for reviews


Some pretty good info about this wine from the previous offer link in Cesare’s post, above.


those winery comments are illuminating, but I wish some of the Wooters who bought last
time had come back with their comments. Haven’t checked CT yet


There’s only two reviews on CT. One gave it an 85 without comment, the other an 84 saying not a big cab but good qpr or something to that effect.


I bought 6 of these last time. First bottle was awesome. How’s that for a tasting note? Not very cultured, I know. I rank my wines by placing the empty bottle on a shelf in order. The first Dignus was placed in 2nd place (only after Copa Del Rey). Opened 2nd bottle this week and it seemed a little bit off and smelled a bit “alcohol-y”. I let it sit capped in the bottle and a day later, it was much better. But, had to place the empty bottle down to position 7 on my shelf. Plan to open bottle 3 when I get home tonight to see if maybe it was just that one bottle.


I always misread this one…