Dimensions! All 3 of em!

Do you have a 3D TV? Tell us about it!


Came across the instructions for the tilt wall mount looking for its compatibility with stud widths other than 16" on center.

In the specs for the LG 42" HDTV, (Yes, I’m on about specs again.), the section entitled “Side Inputs:” should not have the headphone output listed under inputs. Small nit I guess.

it’s the leetle things. i’ll make sure it’s noted. good lookin’ out.

Is there any possible way to hook this up to a DVR or gaming system?
I mean I get it’s a surround sound system for the blu-ray player but if you can’t hook the system up to anything except the blu-ray player it’s a bit useless.
I suppose you could buy a receiver and hook the speakers up to that but that kinda makes the discount pointless.

Anyone know?

I bought this TV at COSTCO for twice the price new. Excellent value at full price. PIcture, apps, internet all great. The new one came with 4 pair of glasses for free. THe 3D effects are good (espn3d), but makes your eye hurt after a while.

Yes and no. You can’t hook anything up to the system directly, but you can (provided your TV has a digital audio out port, which most modern HDTVs do) hook your TV up to it, and by extension, whatever audio your television is having sent to it at the time. Turn your TV all the way down, and you’ll only have sound coming from the surround setup… and if you’re playing late at night and don’t wanna wake the family/friends/neighbors, you still have the option of using the TV speakers and not turning on the surround.

I hope that made sense.

Edit to say that this is a pretty good deal if you meet the baseline requirement. I have a similar Panasonic HTiB and I love it.

Looks like the Blu-Ray player originally [typically] came as part of a bundle with a 3D TV. 3.2/5 starts on Amazon, but only 4 reviews.

Does the Bluray player have Netflix/Pandora built into like some of the other LG players?

It doesn’t look like it. According to the manual at LG BD645.BUSALLK: Support, Manuals, Warranty & More | LG USA Support , you can connect it to the network to access “streaming services”, but it talks a lot about streaming from your computer that’s also on the network. Going to say Netflix is out, because there’s no button for it on the remote. But who knows if a software update made it available later?

I wouldn’t bet on this thing providing streaming apps, if that’s why you’re buying it.

Howdy all. I was asked to let you know that the LG Blu-ray player doesn’t support Netflix, Amazon, etc. Just BD Live.

Hope this helps.

There was a Sony blu ray on the community deals a few weeks ago, I looked about a week or two later and the price was the same, it was at macmall. It was only $69.99 3D, built in wifi, with all the apps, amazon, Netflix, even Vudu, Hulu +, etc. and shipped free in two days. Much better deal. Also goes great with my 73" 3D tv. I don’t really get the joy in watching 3D on a small tv.

Poor timing again. I finally bought a refurb Samsung Blu-ray player last week after searching in vain for one that didn’t have all those streaming apps.

My TV, TiVo, and Roku. Roku has the best interface of the three. I didn’t need another device to do that.

Will the Xpand X102-R1 glasses work with Mitsubishi 3D DLP HDTVs???

(Such as the Mitsubishi WD-65735)

If you have the space…the Mitsubishi DLP HDTV lines offer the most bang for the buck…

Can you say 72", 82", & 92" 3D HDTV screens for under 2K with great picture???


Sizing for the 3d glasses.
As an eyeglass wear size is important. http://www.xpand.me/products/youniversal-3d-glasses/tech-spec/

139,7 mm (5.5 inches)
46,4 mm (1.83 inches)
length (folded earpieces)
41,7 mm (1.64 inches)
length (open)
154,7 mm (6.09 inches)

144 mm (5.67 inches)
42,3 mm (1.67 inches)
length (folded earpieces)
41,5 mm (1.63 inches)
length (open)
154,7 mm (6.09 inches)

160,6 mm (6.32 inches)
45,8 mm (1.8 inches)
length (folded earpieces)
41,9 mm (1.65 inches)
length (open)
164,4 mm (6.47 inches

Yes, I bought these last time for my Mitsubishi DLP 73842 and they work great!

It’s actually 73", but who’s counting… And you’re right, absolutely the best pic for the price whether 3D or 2D.

Actually, on that model make sure it has the DLP LINK and doesn’t need an emitter. Mine has it and I think there was a firmware upgrade in older models, but check yours to be sure. Otherwise, great glasses for the price.