Dimmable LED Track Kit

Piece of CRAP!

I ordered two, both had been installed and were missing power supply and cord.

I am very sorry for the problem. Please use the Customer Service form for assistance.

I ordered one of the 2 light tracks for under counter application over our sink. Wish I had ordered the 3 light, but the 2 works fine.
I looked for just the LED assembly to add a 3rd, and found this kit (and light ass’y) are discontinued…BUMMER!
If these weren’t 50 bucks, I’d buy another.

Wanna sell just the LED pieces?
Give me a good number, and let’s discuss.

I WISH I’d gotten MORE AT THIS PRICE! They’re NICE lights, GOOD QUALITY, that are EASILY HARD WIRED TO A SWITCH… REAL PRICE is MUCH HIGHER and THAT’S IF you can find in Stock. :frowning: