Dimmable LEDs - Your Choice

Today at Tools.Woot, instead of one thing in the daily deal spot, we’re giving you ALL THE DIMMABLE LEDs AND MOAR DIMMABLE LEDs!!

And since it’s a special kinda sale, we thought it needed a special kinda discussion place that you can find here.

Dimmable LEDs - Your Choice


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Dimmable LEDs - Your Choice
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Time to learn all about Energetic Lighting

Is that the brand? I couldn’t tell.

And can someone explain to me whether dimmable LEDs means the bulbs can be used with dimmable light fixtures (the warning “do not use with dimmers” has unfortunately kept me from using LED bulbs in the past), or are they “smart” bulbs that can be dimmed via an application or a remote, independent of whether or not the fixture has already been wired for dimming?

[QUOTE=EnergeticRob, post:5, topic:441449]
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Energetic Lighting is the brand, and these are all made to be compatible with dimmers.


[QUOTE=EnergeticRob, post:6, topic:441449, post:5, topic:441449]

[/quote .
Energetic Lighting is the brand, and these are all made to be compatible with dimmers.[/quote]

Thank you?

I used to find LEDs dull compared to CFLs, and never bought them in the recent past. How is others’ experience with the brightness/lumens of LEDs?

While these bulbs are designed to be dimmable, they may not work well with existing dimmer switches installed in your home, requiring replacement of said switches. LED bulbs do not play well with phase - cut dimmers. Read more here: http://ecmweb.com/lighting-amp-control/led-dimming-dilemma

Why are there never any 5k or 6k color options available in these woots? 3k lighting is for peasants.

You should try these. Maybe you’ll be peasantry surprised?

list of compatible dimmers from website:

Dimmer Compatibility
LUTRON •D-603PGH-DK •D-600PH-DK •FS-5FH-DK •LG-600H-AL •LG-600H-WH •CTCL-153PD
•CT-600P •LG-600PH-WH •LG-603PH-BL •S-600PH-WH •DV-600PH-WH •TGCL-153P
LEVITON •6681 •6631 •IBI03 black •6633

So what is this 6K thing?

My experience is that the dimmed light from LEDs is less warm than incandescents. I’m hoping to find some bulbs to invest in that have nice soft light across the brightness spectrum, similar to what I’m used to. For me, this buy isn’t worth the risk without some customer attestations.

I think you want bulbs in the 2700K range. Lower the K = the warmer it is.

For bulbs, K doesn’t mean thousand, it means Kelvin. Something to do with the temp in Kelvin for incandescent filaments.

6000K bulbs would just make you wanna confess…

I have 3 6-packs of the “60 watt” variety. They work great. Haven’t got a dimmer to try them with. They are much brighter than curly-fry-lightbulds (cfl’s) and they don’t get hot. The 3k is good if you want the old-fashioned look, kind of yellowish. The 6k has the totally clear white look like the display cases at the grocery store. It’s way too glaring for normal room lighting. I’m currently looking for some “40 watt” bulbs cuz the 60’s are almost too bright in a ceiling fan light with 4 bulbs. Same in the bathroom where we have 4 over the mirror and 3 in the small hallway. LOTS of light. My wife said she didn’t want to see herself that well. 8^)

I recently moved in to a new home and bought a lot of LED bulbs. The local power company gives instant discounts at COSTCO, with the net result being bulbs were easily half the price that woot is selling them for. A 3 pack of 500 lumen candelabra bulbs were $15, a two pack of flood bulbs was $10. I’d check your local big box stores for similar deals before pulling the trigger on this one.

Cree made a breakout move in pricing in early 2014… under $20.00 for a 1600 lumen bulb (100 watt) dimmable… a 30% drop in price from the previous cost leader. Its being compared to a Phillips in the video. Prices are quoted.

Its reviewed on U-TUBER See link…

Hope this helps in your decisions

I can vouch for that. I bought LED bulbs on sale a few months ago and installed a couple in my existing dimmable fixtures. While they do dim, they only dim well at a few turns on the switch. The rest of the time they flicker and hum, which is very annoying. I ended up replacing my switches with LED bulb compatible switches from HD. The dimmers cost more than the bulbs but they were a bit nicer than the original dial switch.

I have pendent lights, most led bulbs I have tried in the past hang lower than the glass shade. Does anyone know the dimensions of the bulbs??

Hello everyone! My name is Rob and I represent the manufacture of these bulbs. If you have any questions about these bulbs or anything else, just ask! Have a great day and happy Saturday.