Dimmable LEDs - Your Choice

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Dimmable LEDs - Your Choice
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Too expensive

Time to learn all about Energetic Lighting

Too late, Woot. I bought enough $2.50 Phillips LEDs the other day already. Sure, they aren’t dimmable, nor are they rated as long … but $2.50/bulb!

These bulbs are great! I bought these a couple of months ago, and they’re much brighter than the CFL I had. I heard CFL have mercury in them. Is that true? That’s scary if it is.

It is true, they need to go to a haz mat recycling center, not into trash

Hi everyone! My name is Rob and I represent the manufacturer of these lights. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Have a great night, and enjoy the benefits of LED lights!

Can these be used in enclosed fixtures?

There seems to be a mistake here. Energetic Lighting ELY09D-EAS-VB-6-DS A19 ECO 800 Lumens 9 Watts LED 2700K Dimmable, 6 Pack

The product heading seems to indicate this is a 2700k color lamp, but the product description says it’s 3000k in color. There is a big difference between the two. 2700k is a warm white, which is a yellow white like the standard incandescent bulb that most people are used to using in their homes but which may not be great if you have difficulty reading. The product description suggests that it is a 3000k color lamp, which would suggest that it is a neutral white lamp, which should be fairly comfortable for most people but a little better for reading.

The 5000k lamps, which most of the other bulbs say they are, are extremely cool, ‘natural daylight’ in color (Think an hour before sunset on a winter’s day bluish) that is great for office spaces or for people who have trouble reading or for people who suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), but which may be too harsh for ambient lighting.

Problem with 60w bulbs is… they’re 60 watt bulbs. I don’t even know anyone that doesn’t use 100w exclusively.

These can be used in enclosed areas, as long as it’s not too tight. Leave at least a half inch on each side of the bulb.

You are correct. These bulbs are 3000K, not 2700K. I’m not sure why it says 2700K. I’ll look into it.

The color temp of these bulbs is 3000K, and it’s listed as 2700K.

Hey Rob, is there a nice chart to look at that compares all these bulbs? I’m a little baked, and I really want to buy some, but I’m picky…

Yes, you can go on www.energeticlighting.com and download the data sheets of each of these lights.

I haven’t used a 100w bulb in over 20 years.

Thanks, I got the 40 watt equivalent 5000k dimmables, might be what I’m looking for… CHEERS!

Cheers! That’s a great color choice.

Woot Staff here.
I went ahead and changed the Features to list “3000K” instead of “2700K”

Please let us know if anything needs to be changed.