Dimmers & Lighting

Why isn’t the switch that is picture one of the items being sold?

Would be nice if the one shown in the feature pix was available. Is this Woot’s version of bait and switch?

They delete posts that say that…

I not all that long ago switched my kitchen and bathroom light switches to dimmers (nothing like blinding yourself first thing in the AM (I hate that it took me 37 years to figure this genius out, also)) and then they go and ban the production of incandescent lightbulbs… I won’t go into great detail about why that was stupid, other than to say I hate CFL’s, and dimmable CFL’s are even more detestable, and to top it all off with a cherry, affordable LEDs are no where near ready for the lime-light (partial pun intended). Seriously Congress, you suck!

Do the brown GFCI appear black to anyone else? It’s labeled as brown but looks black.

Definitely brown. It may just be variation due to your monitor.

I mean once you receive them. They look brown on the screen but black in hand.

OOOHHHHH! Sorry I misunderstood. If you think you received the ‘midnight’ color on accident, please email support@woot.com; CS can help figure out what’s going on.