Dining Chairs

Are the chairs with the leaf pattern really two different colors–one blue and one cream? There’s no way to select which color you want for your set but I would be interested if two cream could be purchased…

I would say they’re almost certainly the same color chair, although with different lighting for the photographs.

I’m wondering the same thing. The leaf color and the background color look different on each… How do we get a confirmation of color from the staff?

We wait until a mod wonders buy to forward this question to the buyer.

I can’t find anything else about these anywhere on the net. What color are the legs?

Sorry for the delayed reply. It’s the more cream looking one. The lighting in the pics is kinda funky, sorry.

I’m tempted except that I see the height is 34.5 inches? That is short for a dining chair. Any idea on floor to seat height?

I wonder the same thing. Floor to seat height?

That would be bar height, though. It’s got to be height to the back support.

Woot, can we get some clarification?

We’ve found out that the chairs are 40" tall. The sales are being fixed.

We are asking about floor-to-seat height but nothing yet.

No, but that’s helpful, though! In for 3 sets for the game room!

I purchased 3 identical sets (qty 3) and only 1 of the sets was delivered today. Why wouldn’t all 3 be delivered at the same time? No packing slip, no tracking number in my email. The chairs look great so I hope I get the rest soon. Still waiting for woot customer support to get back to me.

Just a follow up, should these come up for sale again. I ordered Wednesday, June 18 and they showed up Friday morning, June 20.

Zero hyperbole: these are GREAT chairs. Very sturdy, lovely upholstery, far, far better quality, frankly, than I expected at $30 a chair. We had five people over Sunday for our standing game day (a multi-hour affair) and everybody kept talking about how comfortable they were. Absolutely happy with the purchase.

We often use Amazon’s warehouse system (our inventory) and they have this magical & mysterious system of spreading things across multiple warehouses. Give it a few days.

I am not sure if this is accurate. I called FedEx for my missing package and for some reason it was shipped BACK to Amazon.

My theory is, they sent out the wrong product and recalled the shipment. I would still like to know where my product is since it is PAID for.