Dining: Fancy Eatin'

Mine was just delivered.

Looks nice, but no instructions in the box… this is going to get interesting

Whooops. Look again in all the packing just to make sure it wasn’t hiding. You can probably contact the company to get instructions (hopefully emailed).

Hey I appreciate the reply.

I was able to assemble it in under an hour by myself. The picture on here and the one on the box were enough to put it together.

I bought this set: http://home.woot.com/offers/homelegance-3-pc-cherry-breakfast-set

As far as quality goes (for future interested buyers), the table is heavy and feels solid. It looks really nice. The stools are deceptively lightweight; I have another similar “saddle” style stool with a solid wood seat, and it’s much heavier. The legs are not 100% level, but not to the point where they feel unsteady. My dining area is carpeted, so any movement won’t really be noticeable (it would be more obvious on a hard floor, but it would also be a simple fix if it really bothered me).

The difference between table and seat height leaves plenty of space for my legs, so it’s clearly of better design quality than the typical walmart/target particleboard sets.

Assembled with bolts (+included hex wrench) and phillips-head screws. There are a couple wood plugs to cover some of the holes, but I wish there were a a couple more to cover ALL visible hardware on the table.

For $125, you’re not going to find anything better. I’d recommend it to anyone on the fence.

@sluttylimeade: Thanks for coming back to post your comments and review. That really helps future buyers.

No instructions!!! How annoying.

For those of you that ordered the 3-piece Breakfast set, here’s the instructions:

click here

Got the “Farmhouse Buffet”. Finally got around to putting it together. Love the cabinet, but I must say that was the HARDEST piece of furniture I have ever had to put together!!! Pieces didn’t line up, CAMS didn’t catch the bolts, screws to put the backing in were too small to fit any of the screwdrivers I own and when I found one that fit, there was too much tension for the tiny screwdriver and the end broke - so I had to nail it in with finishing nails… which was awful because the pieces didn’t line up so it chipped multiple sites off of the finish (would have happened with the screws too)… and to top it all off… they gave me two left side doors… instead of a right and a left - so I had to drill my own holes in order to assemble the magnetic device that keeps the doors closed. Thankfully the doors were centered so it worked out… but SO FRUSTRATING!!! The screws to put the hinges on were of poor quality too - one of the screw heads broke off leaving the end inside - I just hope the door stays on. The craftsmanship on the individual pieces was not good either… rough spots on the wood, door knob had a weird paint splotch. Not a good experience overall… but now that it’s put together, it serves the purpose for which it was purchased.