Dining Rooms For The Important Meals


The Features panel says it has a weight limit of 300lbs, and the Specs panel says 400.
Which is it?

So like, how many people can dance on it?

I want to know, what good is 3 chairs?? When you are selling chairs, don’t you think the limit should be… um… well 4?

Not that it’s any of your business, but I’m losing weight and fluctuating back and forth over 300 right now. I also don’t have any chairs for my table and these look nice.
Any more questions, nosy rosy?

Is the table included in the Chelsea Nook?

I have arm chairs that are almost 26 in high .Will they fit under the Monarch Specialties I 1054 Natural Reclaimed-Look 36"X 60" Dining Table

Not sure if anybody checks these after the fact, BUT: We ordered and assembled the Titian Wine Rack and it was a miss. While we were impressed that the wood was solid and not MDF we had the wood side split over the dowels (even after tapping them with a rubber mallet to make sure they were seated in the wine supports.) The middle shelf ALSO split when we tightened the screws- by hand, I might add, no power tools involved.

The issue seems to be that the screws go into the solid wood but no pilot holes have been drilled into the pieces they connect to (like, there are holes on one pice that the screws are clearly supposed to seat into but no corresponding pilot on the connecting piece.) The holes for the dowels are also SUPER tight and not necessarily deep enough to ensure that they don’t stress the rest of the wood when the whole thing goes together.

It’s a disappointment because the piece is lovely. If I’d known I needed to drill pilot holes we could have but it’s not in the instructions and it didn’t occur to us until after we started having issues. D+ purchase and not worth the cost.