Direct TV/Tivo Remote



condition: New
product(s): 1 Direct TV/Tivo Remote DTV36
$0.99 + $5 shipping


already have 5 of these :slight_smile:


You can get a whole receiver and a remote off of ebay for $20. This is a rip-off.


looks like a good price, but I don’t have direct tv or tivo…i’m still analog with a vcr. g’nite


i too am disappointed, i would be in for three but i dont have a tivo!


no use for them but bought 3 anyways!!!


I was pressing the thumbs down button on the pic of the remote, but it didn’t give me new sellout.woot!? :'P


My dog ate the last 3 I had…Since it’s cheaper then most good dog bones…I guess I’m in for 3…


I’ve got a Gen 1 tivo and the remote still works great…No need for this…


In for 3… I tend to drop mine at least once a week. Thanks Woot! Just what I needed and a great price too!


Dont have use for them.


great price, I can always use a extra one, I’m in for 3
Thanks Woot


99 cents for a Tivo remote? This is a huge bargain…and in case you happen to have a Labrador Retriever who likes to chew on things you accidentally leave on the floor…well it goes without saying this is a great sellout.woot item.

I’m in for three. I really only need one, but honestly for 99 cents you would be a fool to not order three. I figure this way if I get another tivo for the bedroom there is no concern over lost (or chewed) remotes.


Finally something I needed. Thanks Mr. Wootie.


What the heck am I going to do with this remote? I dont have direct TV or Tivo, I am glad I only selected 1 instead of 3, still I should have read it before i jumped on it, and I thought it was 1 cent, GOTTA READ THE DISCRIPTION I GUESS


Hehe… well, my Tivo remote is getting slowly worn out. Might as well buy two so that I have back ups for years to come. :slight_smile: Too bad it wasn’t 1 cent, but at 99 cents, I’m still in for a couple! Thanks woot!


got 3 gonna sell on ebay lol


where is the ON/OFF button? and why is this 99 cents?
98 cents more than it needs to be for an item some people will regret they bought it.


Will it work with a directv dvr or receiver, non-tivo?