Directions weren't clear enough for this giveaway

Continuing the discussion from Woot!’s 18th Birthday BOC Giveaway!!! Enter before 7/25/2022 [ENDED]:

I feel as though it is not fair that people were disqualified from this giveaway for replying to other people’s posts. The directions did not clearly state that a reply to someone else’s post would count as you having more than one entry. I submitted my entry for the contest but then also commented on two other people’s posts. That means I was disqualified from the giveaway. I don’t think that is really fair and just wanted to share my frustration. Perhaps next time it should clearly state that a reply to other Wooters posts will result in your having submitted more than one entry. Thanks bunches!

Hi there. There’s no rule against replying to someone else’s post as a way of entry. But that thread is for entries only. I have no way of knowing if someone was responding to a post or making an entry. So one post in that thread, don’t comment on entries.

There’s also this:


Thank you.


I didn’t win the birthday BOC. That didn’t feel fair.

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Me neither.



As a note, if I happen to enter the contest early, I usually get several people who reply to my comment to enter the contest themselves. I assume those are still counted as valid entries. So it makes sense that you would consider any post on the thread as an entry since you can’t discern people’s intentions, especially when dealing with thousands of entries.


Tell ya what:

I’ll take the Woot memorabilia which I don’t have, and you can have everything else.

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Thunder thighs wrote, “Hi there. There’s no rule against replying to someone else’s post as a way of entry. But that thread is for entries only.”

Understood but that is not what I was saying. My entry was a separate entry not submitted as a reply to someone else’s. Then, I replied to two other Wooters posts for fun. I do not see anything that stated,“SUBMIT ENTRIES ONLY, NO COMMENTS.”

I saw that under INVALID Entries it stated,“multiple posts in this thread (one entry per person)” BUT the way it reads I took it to mean ONE ENTRY post (which is all I posted) not one post period. It really was not clear enough. I ONLY entered once.

If you post in the thread, it’s an entry.
If you post in any manner again, it’s another entry.
Also, there would be absolutely no way to differentiate between an entry and a reply.

ps… I really think I should have won, I deserve it!



It’s a giveaway thread. You don’t chat in there. How is TT supposed to know if it’s a reply or an entry? If she doesn’t count the reply posts, then that throws out 25% of all entries. If a person only posted once and it was a reply to someone, do you want that person to be disqualified? Now that would be unfair. They followed the rules.

Every post is an entry.

If you want to reply to someone, do it outside of the giveaway thread. You started this topic, just do the same thing in everything but woot and tag the person you’re replying to.


Wow! I’m glad I asked after contest is over.
As it stated about entries just single, I understand. The dice roll 5 max works the same. If I roll 6th it throws out all. If only “right” combo wins there isn’t any loss, but a good roll extra won’t get me anything!
I wasn’t sure if it could be recognized by style of entry or comment. TT has clarified for me well enough…
There are many posts going and I am still learning the differences.
Trying to keep clear and simple.
Happy Wooting.


No worries. Wooters like to jump in and answer things.


And then some of them somehow end up as volunteer moderators.

I Have No Idea Shrug GIF


And don’t forget the great Honors and Prestige that comes from being a Woot! VM.


Why would anybody in their right mind do such a ridic…

Oh. I see.

Carry on.


Cheatin’ don’t pay.

We’ve already discussed that elsewhere. It most certainly does!

That’s true. I cheated once in my life and paid for it dearly.

There have been a lot of comments in the giveaway threads to which I would have liked to reply, but was pretty obvious from the rules that those comments would disqualify me. But… I mean, if we’re calling for a recount… Count me in!


I, too, want underserved free stuff, woot. Thanks.