Dirt Devil Cordless Vac ‘n Mop



Is it Friday yet?

Froogle Link $36.96 Minimum

Yahoo! Shopping Link $44.95 Minimum

Shopzilla Link Minimum $44.99

Amazon Customer Review Link Average Rating 3/5 Stars

Manufacturer Manual [PDF]


Thanks, but no thanks… got my good ole 4.99 sponge mop from the corner store right here…

'night woot


i’ve had many a dirt devil in my day…quality brand!

and for this price? you can’t beat it


Clean freaks of the world unite! this is my w00t!


A word of warning to those with asthma and allergies: the lack of HEPA filter on this vacuum will do you more harm than good when it comes to your nose and lungs.


Yay… i want one… going for 69.95 elsewhere


Boo. Got a Roomba and a wife. Neither vacuum.


I have a Roomba for this


http://www.factorydirect2you.com/didenmopex.html - 69.95

http://everythinghome.com/ - 36.95

Sounds like a good deal to me, but I don’t need one!


I’ve got the less exciting, regular vacuum one. It’s red, and it’s rechargable. It works fine for small messes, but don’t expect great suction. Also, it really sucks that you can’t use while plugged in, you have to wait for it to charge, so if you’re bad at plugging things back in, this probably won’t be usefull in a pinch, as it will be dead.

Nite, woot.


now that i’m a “wife” i might have bought this if I didn’t already have something similar. Hehe. ANyways, here are my useful links… short but sweet. gotta rush. sorry.

BizRate Prices… lowest $45

Shopzilla Prices… lowest $45… also has some accessories priced

Epinion’s got nothin…

p.s. don’t miss the USA/Ghana game on thursday… most important game ever.


Are the cleaning pads reusable?


What’s the battery life on this thing? I can only imagine that vacuuming takes a fair amount of energy.


Ahh come on Woot! I relented and bought 2 sets of the wristwatch radios for the grandsons Christmas present. But, a vacumn/mop? No way am I going to give my husband excuses to insist I clean the house more often!!


So its basically a swiffer wetjet that vacumes, how much are the replacement pads???

No point really, have a lightwieght easy empty vac and a weit jet(but the vac isnt cordless).

Wonder how long a typical charge lasts?


Voted BEST desciption… me and my room mate died laughing.


Tempting, but with Roomba, I don’t need the vac part which makes it an expensive, and slightly heavier, mop.

Now offer me a Scooba, and we’ll talk.



lowest froogle price is $37, good woot, but I’m a slob, wont be needing one.


I could probably use this, but I wonder if it actually works decently. Cordless vacuum? I’d think it’d die too quick to get any use out of it if it’s got any power to it.