Dirt Devil FD50005 Quick & Light™ Carpet Washer

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Dirt Devil FD50005 Quick & Light? Carpet Washer
Price: $69.99
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Condition: New


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Time to check out the product page

I checked out the reviews and they don’t look good, except one lady seemed to know what to do about it. Still…I’m hesitant on this one.

I have a similar older model (CE7000) with a beater brush, and it has worked great for me. I’m not sure why all the bad reviews. Never had problems with it leaking, if the tanks are on properly. Just go slow, and apply the liquid when you are pulling the machine back towards you, then go over that spot again to pick up the remaining liquid.

Not having one, but formerly selling applicances at a big blue box store with initials BB, I would just say what I always say: you get what you pay for/what you see is what you get.

If you want to really get your house clean call Stanley or rent a Rug Doctor. If you want to clean up where your puppy has inadvertently peed, or your baby dropped food, or you yourself dropped a greasy chicen bone or whatever, this would probably do the deal. Repeated, frequent use might even be as good for you as full house deep cleaning.

But don’t expect Escalade performance from a Geo, you know?

You can say “BestBuy”. The site won’t implode.

I don’t believe you.

We all remember what happened the last time someone said “Amazon”.

It changed Woot forever !



I have purchased their vacumes. Even got a free one from casino, and it was not worth the 20 min drive. I would never spend my hard save $$ for “Dirt Devil” if the washer is better , please let me know

With the way Best Buy used to push Monster HDMI cables, I’m not sure I should trust you.

But you said “I have a similar older model.” This may be a new, improved leaky model!