Dirty Job

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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The colors on this do not sit right for me- looks very unappealing to the eyes in my opinion :confused: Congrats to the artist anyway though

Wow, this is definitely not for me. In fact this shirt kind of scares me.

kind of grim looking but the text and colors ruin it

nahh…not my style

Good design I suppose, but not for me.

I clicked on the detail thumb and still couldn’t see what the hell was suppose to be going in on this shirt… thanks barabra I think I’ll just stop submiting.

So far not one person’s bought one. xD

Erm…I don’t really like it. I’ll be honest.

That was weird mah comment disappeared. Anyhow, nice design. Text is a little hard to read though.

Grats on the print, Morpilo! This really does make me think of a vintage '80s metal shirt.

weird little shirt eh? Kinda creepy too… One of those 'Halloween only" shirts to scare some kids or something.

The design is way too busy, it hurts my eyes!

Wish this shirt had something to do with Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs instead of whatever is on this shirt. One of the ugliest shirts I have seen on shirt.woot.

I think I saw this design some time ago on the side panel on TeeFury. The text font looks dead familiar.

I’d totally wear this to a Nirvana show, but the y don’t seem to have any booked. Are they touring soon?

No zanks. Too much metal for one body.

That reaper looks like it was traced from this image (sorry, I forget the original name of the piece and where it is on DA), except flipped horizontally and with the blade moved to the other end.

Has anyone figured out what it says under Dirty job at the bottom and what the white banner on the right says?
I even enlarged it and can’t figure it out… Maybe I don’t want to.

It definitely was, I superimposed the two images:

Definitely traced directly