Dirty Rotten Shirt Thieves

Good luck getting FB to do anything. I’m FB friends with the artist Dave MacDowell, and his work is CONSTANTLY being ripped off and advertised on FB. They’re super slow to act, and they essentially do nothing to the offenders, which is why it keeps happening.

Busted Tees is one of the worst, but also the “fan pages” for niche films like The Big Lebowski do it constantly.

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Wow, this hasn’t been updated in a while. Did everyone give up on reporting their stolen art?

Just stumbled upon this site with a lot of stolen work:

since newer designs are under nonexclusive contracts, I guess reporting to woot is not a thing anymore

Found some folks ripping off my Wolveross…not sure if there’s anything that can be done.

SOOO many rip off designs on there…just keyword search wolveross to find the listing.

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Also here: Bob Ross The Wolveross Shirt, hoodie, sweater, long sleeve and tank top

And here: Original bob ross the wolveross shirt - Foxteeshirt

Since the designs are no longer exclusive to woot I am not sure that they have any standing to stop the thieves. I think we are all on our own now to watch out for this stuff.

I think one is in Italy, and another in Vietnam. Guessing I’m up the proverbial creek, minus a paddle.