Disappointed with shirt.woot as of late. Now have 3 of the same shirt.

So I bought 3 shirts the last time it was random, remember that weird capped at 3,000 sale. And finally received mine in the mail yesterday (go delay of living in Canada!) but thats not what annoys me.

The last shirt I bought was ‘How Rainbows are Made’

Then I get this random package, all excited, open it and lone behold I get: (All larges)

‘Spicy Meal’
‘How Rainbows are Made’
‘How Rainbows are Made’

Not a typo, two identical shirts in one package alongside the one I already bought. I sent a message asking about this as I thought at the least they would try not to send duplicates but got a response.

‘I’m really very sorry, but the random shirts are just that, random. We go around the warehouse and find random shirts to send you. Try the blog to see if anyone wants to trade with you, or you can try teetrade.org.’

Granted I realize its a ‘random’ shirt but this is still disappointing …

If you don’t like random packages, don’t buy. Easy fix. If no one ever got duplicates it wouldn’t be random.

this is still disappointing …

Only if you have a misconception of the word “random”.