Disappointed with Woot! (Amazon gift cards)

Okay great you guys honestly have good deals here and it’s supposed to be like a yard sale. But now I can’t buy my $14.99 watch that’s probably about to be gone because I can’t use my 20 dollar giftcard I got for christmas. I truly feel Amazon should not advertise this WOOT site unless we can use our Amazon money on this site, I am angry and upset by this. I couldve got a gift card at Walmart.


Disappointment is kind of right on-brand for Woot. Welcome to the community! Come for the deals, stay for the commiseration.


Although Woot is owned by Amazon, Woot isn’t Amazon. The pay-with-Amazon that Woot is allowed to implement doesn’t allow for alternate payment methods.

Woot doesn’t own Amazon, yet.


Who ever said that Woot owns Amazon?

I think they are probably a Woot-Off or two away from having enough scratch saved up to buy Uncle Jeff out. Probably depends how many B0Cs they can move.


I bought a bunch of Woot gift cards with MY Amazon gift card aaaaand then proceeded to buy ALL THE WATCHES. MuWaHaHaHaHaHa :ghost:


Exactly! Not just quite yet!

It is more of an issue with Amazon than Woot! - I wish I could use my Amazon gift cards on Audible. However, while owned by Amazon, I am not able to use them there.

You may want to consider having some agency. It is not Woot!'s fault that you couldn’t use the gift card. Take ownership, and problem solve if your card doesn’t work.

Hi there. That’s a limitation of the Amazon.com gift cards. Gift cards have a huge amount of laws and regulations.

Gift Cards may only be redeemed toward the purchase of eligible goods and services provided by Amazon.com Services, Inc. and its affiliates (including redemption services provided by Amazon Payments, Inc.) on www.amazon.com, or certain of its affiliated properties, such as smile.amazon.com, and whispercast.amazon.com. Eligible goods and services are subject to change in our sole discretion. Redemption of Gift Cards at any affiliated property is subject to change in our sole discretion.

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But that seems bizarre. If one is gifted reloadable Visa cards purchased at say a Kroger or that W sounding place, one could use those on Woot? But not Amazon gift cards? That seems arbitrary and counter intuitive.

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I’d say you’d probably want to start by taking it up with Amazon. Then progress to your legislators on the myriad of laws around gift cards.


I am ok with that. It just seemed inconsistent. However, it suggests Amazon cards are being ultra protected by layers of multiple factor security protocols starting with secure log in and progressing to card ID verification via tightly restricted access to servers that Amazon does not allow access from external entities - even subsidiaries with VPN. Fewer gateways in; fewer vectors of attack to closely monitor and track back. One credit card fraud investigator once told me he alone had 200 active cases under investigation at a time. So Amazon is being smart about its cards and not risking. It’s a trust thing.