Disappointed -- WOOT| you have a theft or QA problem.

I was estatic to have my order for the Samsung Watch 3 arrive on Monday when it wasn’t suppose to be here until this weekend. However, that happiness quickly turned to sorrow. After I opened the Amazon packaging tape, I grabbed the watch box and it opened. It was an empty watch box.

Woot has refunded my money, however I am incredibly disappointed that there is no way to get the watch again. Was I the only unlucky one that the warehouse picker or QA decided it wasn’t for me.

Really frustrated…I’ve got an empty box, and half tempted to report the IMEI… suggestions…thoughts??

On what part of all that?

If you posted this on the actual item/watch posting, you would be more likely to find others who may or may not have had the same situation.

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You could put a dog turd in the empty watch box and then nicely repackage everything. Place said box on front porch for the next porch pirate to enjoy.

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Report the IMEI sounds like a good idea. No reason to let a thief enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Unfortunately this didn’t happen by a porch pirate,
it was more than likely a warehouse pirate. The main amazon box was sealed, it was the actual inside box that was opened and gone.

Hi there. I’m sorry for the poor experience. These shipped out of an Amazon warehouse so either it was received empty or someone had sticky fingers in the warehouse. I’m glad CS took care of you.