Disappointing Gift

This is not the gift you’re looking for. Do not underestimate the power of the right gift.

Awesome design, Naolito!

I bet when he saw that, he started yelling “Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

My first thought: Is that Fry??

This actually took me a few minutes to get. Duh!

The more I look at it, the more it reminds me of this Volkswagen Commercial.


Regarding: Wear this shirt: over your sickly white skin. What if I don’t have sickly white skin? I have lovely, smooth, soft and silky, beautiful brown skin. What the heck did that comment mean?

Is it just me or do all woot shirts start looking the same after a while?


Just wondering… Has LucasFilm ever contacted woot with copyright infringement notices? Seriously, how do so many shirts of copyrighted characters make it to print?

Nothing related to this shirt, but I have to thank Woot for bumping up my wardrobe. Since I began buying Woot shirts, for the first time ever my clothing style is being subject of conversation. At least in front of me, that is, an not behind my back.

Are those Pac-Man ghosts on his PJs?!?

Vader had sickly white skin. And he’s pretending to be Vader. Hence the mask and cape. :slight_smile:

Awww little Vader masks on the jammies? How cuuuuute! Love how the paper’s all jagged and crinkly… nice attention to detail about how difficult it is to wrap round objects haha

Is it bad that from the thumbnail I thought he had gotten some kind of weird lobotomy though…

more like disappointing shirt, enough with the star wars, enough with the video games, enough with the pop culture shirts PERIOD! what happened to you woot… you use to be so cool… oh right amazon happened…

I bet all his thought bubbles are black. Your designs are always so amazingly clean Naolito. Please make a process video so I can see you at work.

Dear Woot.com,
I seen a shooting star tonight and made a wish. I know I know your not supposed to tell anyone, but I wished that you would sell tall tees. I am a huge fan of your shirts and would love to purchase every single one but have not even purchased one due to the fact I an 6’ 4". It would look like I shopped at baby gap. Please if you could find it in your gracious heart to start selling tall tees it would be appreciated. Some of us tall people would enjoy wearing your shirts.

Definitely just you.

That kid’s going to be so disappointed when he unwraps his flashlight.

Definitely not just him/her. Lately, these shirts have been too cartoonish.