Disappointment is coming in a few moments, refresh for your viewing pleasure


So, I was looking through “all deals” and came to a page with this:

Made me think it was an “easter egg” bag of crap. Now, I refreshed for several minutes and nothing changed. I can’t get one since I got one on black friday, but I was curious.

Is this a random BOC or is it a page telling you more deals are coming?

Kind of made me chuckle…tricky Woot.


Not a BOC. That means something went wrong. Can you repeat the steps to get the error? If so, post them here so I can pull the panic alarm n


I think I was at the end of the list for “all deals”. Not sure, but here is the link: https://www.woot.com/alldeals?feedUrl=feed%2Fallactiveoffers.cloudsearch%3FasOf%3D12%2F10%2F2018%2018%3A49%3A57%20%2B00%3A00%26filter%3Dcategory%3AHOME%20OR%20category%3ATECH%20OR%20category%3APC%20OR%20category%3ATOOLS%20OR%20category%3ASPORT%20OR%20category%3AWINE%26orderby%3DBESTSELLING%26skip%3D504%26top%3D24&selectedSort=BESTSELLING&selectedCategories=&selectedPriceRanges=&ref=w_all_page_22


Yeah, the end is way past page 22 that the link shows. Let me know if you get it again.


I just flipped through all the pages past 22 and it is fine now. :slight_smile:


Just found another one of these pages @ThunderThighs on page 17


Could you close your browser and try again. I got past page 17 here.

Also, do you change any filters or sorts?


I tried this link with two different browsers that I had not previously tried. Same thing. I even get it on my phone.


No filters have been changed, and I often run through all of the deals you have available, this hasn’t happened since that first time.


Not sure what’s happening. I put in a trouble ticket to the developers but it will be a hard one to diagnose since we can’t duplicate the error. :confused:


I’ve got a problem too, my credit card keeps running out of money. Can you people do something about that?


Not a huge deal for me, just wanted to let you know. Not sure why it is happening on my end.

The problem @therealjrn has is happening to me too, damn, so many issues. Maybe I should get back to work. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I get that when I am going through all deals with the sort set to newest.


Ah, maybe I did have that filter set!