Disapproving Narwhal

Awww. So cute XD Might have to get one!

… woot loves cute animals. xD

Anyway, I find this very amusing, and it should be Cupcakeosaur’s replacement. haha.

I don’t get it, but I find myself strangely tempted by it…

hmmm i dont get it anyone wanna explain to me lol its looks cute thogh

ROFL O M G Nut & Bee how great is that!? Not a fan of the font, but otherwise… ROFL

congrats on another daily, Annette. lol

Congrats to the artist on the print- I expect a lot of sales and a lot of hate. Hopefully moreso a lot of sales though :slight_smile:

Took me a little bit to get this one, I need to figure out which of the many things in my life it’s disapproving of…

I wouldn’t want to disappoint a narwhal, and I sure hope nobody else would either.

Is this some inside joke I don’t get?

I don’t think I could buy this fast enough. I most certainly do want.

No one upsets a narwhal.

I don’t know why, but I approve this grumpy little Narwhal.

Well I hadn’t expected the Cupcakeosaur to sell well, but I was clearly mistaken on that one.

Dare I mention that the “horn” is actually a tooth and should actually come from the mouth? Actually, I’m not even sure if that’s true (that it comes from the mouth - I know it’s a tooth for sure). All the drawings I’ve seen show it as a horn, and I can’t seem to google any clear pictures. Any marine biologists out there? I’m really curious now.

My sentiments exactly.

No Narwhal for me, NEXT!

My dad needs this shirt. This is his attitude towards everything in life… grouchy codger that he is.
That being said, he’ll have to come buy it his dang self.

Very gnarly design!

I’m gonna go try and find some spare change up in my room. But first, I have to get some sleep. :wink:

Nice job!

Oh! Another Nut and Bee shirt! I got the BFF shirt with the bears way back when, and that led me to Annette’s website. I got some of her stuff there and subscribe to her blog. She’s pretty great. I think I’ll have to pick up this one, too.


I’m pretty sure that the fins on a whale aren’t ribbed like on fish… in fact, I’m certain they are meaty and powerful.

oh god this is hilarious, shirt woot is going to ruin me. ruin me like the economy and all I will have is shirts depicting cartoonish disapproving narwhals.

in short, I quite like this design bought