Disc Clone II CD Duplicator




choked on this?


I bought one of these from Woot on 5/6/05 for same price.
It’s easy to use, and comes with Nero v5.5
Works great!


damn these servers with a stick!


I can’t speak for every else, but I couldn’t get into the forums since the saitek keyboard was posted.

eh, this was supposed to be in response to a post on the first page. Oh, well.


dang these went quick


Going Really Really Slow. Will not load at all.


I tihnk woot is dying? Suggestions…GET MORE SERVERS :slight_smile:


The Server wnet down for a bit… wow, I didn’t even get to see the projector?


borked big time


[quote user=“BabyBear”]Ouch! Bandwidth by Fisher Price.

Already half sold out. Must be 20 of these too.
Actually 10.

And 3 went to me.


WOOT, you guys need some new IT guys.
Too many bugs in your software,
and your servers still can’t handle the traffic.
spend a little more of the cash we spend here
and upgrade to a server farm already.


Kudos to kvnnrvll who closed this out…


the projector was days ago


Is the first woot-off with Ver 2.0? Good test I guess…


the projector was days ago[/quote]

Oh Wow, hahah


next woot woot!


This is my first ever wootoff… I didn’t think we were ever going to get moving again with those walkie-talkies… do things usually go that way in a wootoff??


Maybe they should have saved a few of those athlon gamin machines to use as servers. :’)


the PJ was not in the woot-off…I was replying to an old post when the keyboard went on sale, and then, as you know, all hell broke loose. I didn’t get to order the keyboard…20 items? and then 10??? what sort of woot-offs are these…and…more importantly…is it over? is 2.0 going to announce the end of the -off?