Disc Clone Standalone 40x One to One CD Duplicator


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what use is that silly thing. it doesnt even look cool. is it from the 90’s?


This is interesting… but doesn’t seem that useful. Unless…

I have a BeOS Pro 5 CD that I can’t get to duplicate in any of several “good at copying CDs” programs. I wonder if this would work for that…?


[color=red:70c7c12bb3][size=24:70c7c12bb3]OMFG WOOT! MORE RAM IN THE BOX PLEASE![/size:70c7c12bb3][/color]

A portable piracy machine, good if you’re running from the feds I guess and need something very portable and fast…

and once again, [color=red:70c7c12bb3][size=24:70c7c12bb3]SEANDRYAN = TEH SUX[/size:70c7c12bb3][/color]


This thing looks like it’s a good…
footrest!! :lol: :lol: :lol:


man im soo high


edit: no thanks woot, maybe tommorow ;]

ps: thanks to whoever gave the link www.freeo.tk yesterday… i like it!

im so close to getting that tivo ive been wanting… the $275 ;D looks teting tho, decisions decision :wink:
lets hear it for donating ;p


Disc Clone Standalone 40x One to One CD Duplicator
No computer required for hassle free operation
$69.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

Maybe you’ve thought about owning a stand alone duplication machine, or perhaps this is your first time checking one out… (leave it to woot to bring you stuff you’d never thought of buying before)

With the Disc Clone Stand alone 40x One to One CD Duplicator you can record audio, video, and data and avoid losing your original disk to scratches, over eager pets, adventurous children or simple accidents by making backups of your precious original discs.

In a band or have a track to lay down? Dupe fast copies for your friends without having to boot your PC or load software!

Product Features and Benefits:
Standalone CD Copier (Powered Case with Dual Drives)
CD Writer/ReWriter for PC/Mac Computers
USB 2.0 interface
Simple to use: “One Touch Copying”
ADC System: Auto Detect & Copy
Hi-Speed & Stable CDRW 40x 12x 48x
Easily Upgrade Firmware
Continuous Copying Capabilities
Over Burn Technology Supports 80min./90min./99min. over size CD

Support CD Formats
Audio CD, Video CD
Photo CD, Data CD
Mix Mode CD, CD Extra
Mini CD

Standalone Operation! No Computer Required
Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
Mac OS 9.x/OS X

Retail Box Includes:
Nero Burning Software
Power Cord & USB Cable
User Manual


I stayed up all night for this?

PUCK me.


Is this a good price? Probably, it seems to sell for $150 everywhere else. Now the real question, why the hell would I want it? DVD duplicator? I’m taking out my wallet right now, but a CD duplicator?


i love the woot :smiley:




i stayed up til midnight for this?!




OMG I made the first page!!!


Disc Clone Standalone 40x One to One CD Duplicator
Great price!!! Ebay has them for about $110


Woot should sell these to a more appreciative audience…namely E-Bay patrons

It seems that If you want to get first spot on the first page you post a blank message, then go back and edit your post… :evil:

1st page is a BIG sham :roll:

This board is a pretty big sham as well…the majority of the users are not using it to be informative or constructive.

Stop your bitchin and start buying something! Not everything is going to be $1.00 get over it.


those early item listing glitches had me hyped for another woot-off…oh well


i can’t afford it, unfortunately. man, too bad it isn’t a dvd duplicator! :smiley:


more ram in the box …please :shock:


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