Disc-O-Bed Large-2XLarge

Disc-O-Bed Large-2XLarge

I’m literally laying on this very item as I write this! Power has been out all day thanks to Texas thunderstorms so I loaded the family up in the van, packed up my kiddie and 2XL sized bunks and headed to the sister-in-laws house. The 2XL is like a twin sized bed if not just a little bigger! I’m 6’4 and about 180lbs and I fit very comfortably with room to spare. These bad boys are ideal for guests. I’d be wary about camping with the 2XL just because they are massive so they take up a lot of tent space and they are super heavy to carry to a camping site. Although I have used them camping when I know the site is not a long walk from the car. Basically the best aspects of these, their size and sturdiness, are also their main drawbacks, size and weight. I would buy them again because they are strong quality beds that fold down flat when I don’t need them. I have had one issue with them before but when I contacted the manufacturer about it I was sent free replacement parts no questions asked.

I’ll try to post pics tomorrow when everyone is awake and not using these.

As promised here are my 2XL beds. Like I said, they are big and heavy but they fit my 6’4 frame and work great as guest beds that can fold up and hide away easily.