Disc-O-Bed Large or Extra Large

Disc-O-Bed Large or Extra Large

These are vey well designed, well built cots.

Have been so tempted by them when Costco sells them each summer. But their $250 price is too high for our occasional car camping purpose. We’ve been very happy with some heavy duty Coleman 30x80 cots that even have side “tables”. I believe we paid about $40 each.

Costco includes, at no extra charge, an accessory that really should be standard - 8 inch extension inserts that make the bottom bunk a lot less congested. But of course also raise the climb height of the top bunk. Height that might be an issue in some tents.

Costco also includes the side canvas storage pouches that hang off the side.

The $229 price hear is a nice deal.

Here’s my comments from a prior sale of this item. I have both the Xtra Large and kids versions of these bunks.

tldr: I love them and use them all the time but beware that they are very heavy to carry.