Discover Card?


woot! needs to accept Discover Card. You take Amex and they even charge more! Why not let us woot all we want and earn casback. I could have earned 5% for all my woot purchases this month but instead i got nothin.

Discover Card has over 50 million cardmembers and growing now that WalMart and Sam’s Club also issue cards on the Discover network. Every cardmember has access to secure online account numbers for shopping to help reduce fraud for both woot and the cardholder. Discover Card also has a merchant discount rate that is among the lowest in the industry making Discover one of the most affordable cards to accept. It has also been ranked #1 in ID theft and fraud prevention for its cardholders by many consumer reporting groups. If you have additional questions on what you need to do to accept Discover card or to inquire about the benefits of accepting Discover you may contact their merchant services department at 1-800-347-2000.



Use a citicard. they are the best deals… seriously.


I dont have a CitiCard and dont want one. It just would be nice to have full choice in what card we use. I would also be able to use woot to buy items for company givaways and use our company Discover card.


Conversely, instead of woot bending to your company’s business decision to go with Discover, maybe your company should switch to woot’s choice of V, MC, or AMEX.
[Edit] No flame intended here…just like their daily offerings, and their time of release, woot seems to be something its members adapt to or not.
Sometimes they listen, sometimes they don’t.


Can I send in a personal check to Woot? That is the way I do business.


Oh wait… actually I use sea shells as currency, I don’t see an option to pay that way… maybe Woot should adapt to me. ha ha ha hahahahahahahhahahaha


To me it would just make sense to accept as many forms of payment as possible. If people want to give you money, does it matter really where it comes from?

They should take blood for payment too while we are at it, or pay us for every ad on the site we visit.


Hmmm If Morgan Stanley did not own Discover they probably would


Fine; while impressive, my big brother company is an even larger 800 lb. gorilla.
Again, I think what makes woot unique and one of the “50/100 coolest websites”, is that they simply do what they do.
One product, offered at midnight CST, much more interesting , prosaic and funny product desciption than you’ll find on any other site. Take it or leave it. Sometimes they sell out, sometimes not. Leave a comment on one of the many threads they support the bandwidth for. If the business model doesn’t work, or they don’t take the right cards, they die a slow death. If it is successful, they’ll retire early with a few bazillion bucks.
How wonderful to live in the USA.


Its just an Idea, its not like im never going purchase items from woot if they dont take Discover. It would just be nice to use my personal card of choice and I was wondering if there was anyone else whom felt the same way.

I know what woot is, or i would not be here every night at 1am est waiting for the next item, you really dont need to discribe it to me. Its great that you think woot is unique because they do what they do but it does not have anything to do with the forms of payment accepted. I have not once said anything bad about woot.


Again, not looking for a fight here.
Gotta make your case or they won’t hear it. Their decision.
Feel free to jump into the rest of the forums to mix it up with like minded folks…


there, i updated my first post showing just a few of the reasons.


I would like to use descover personally as well. For the cash back.



Me, too. The computer I bought would have made a nice cashback.


They may not accept Discover for the same reason that my company is about to stop accepting it. The company who handles our card charges has a serious problem with making Discover cards charge properly. We sometimes have to attempt to charge the card EIGHT times before it will go through. Disgusting, we’re very seriously considering dropping Discover as a payment option.


Thats strange, I would say it is probably your processor. I work in fraud prevention there and we dont get many “multiple auth” activity that pops up unless its gas station activitity. Our security system is almost so secure its a PITA.


We just get an Error Code 0096 from it when it won’t go through. Familiar with this?


I have not heard of anyone else getting that. Im not totally sure what it is, try calling merchant services at 1-800-347-1000 (i think thats the number, it might be 2000) and let them know the error your getting. They will help you get it fixed.