Discovery Expedition Lights

Oooo, a Multi Functional LED Light. Who’s in?

(…no inkycatz, no! Your budget!)

whats the lumen output of this?

Bought same light from Meritline a few months ago. Works great much brighter than those seen in big box stores. I like that you can adjust the light almost stright down. Also use the low power setting and zoom close to save batt. A must have for aircraft techs. or anyone working with two hands in low light conditions.

which light are you talking about, the headlamp?

In for one of the Multi Function lights. Hopefully it’s as good as it looks.

lol, after reading your post AFTER I had my coffee, I answered my own question.

I bought the Multi Functional LED Light for full price about a year and a half ago. It’s REALLY bright! Mine came with a tiny stand and on that it will illuminate a fairly large room. I use it all the time (mostly to find the cat in the backyard after dark /sigh) and I have yet to replace the batteries. The only negative I have to say about it is having to cycle through all the modes to turn it off; if you forget about the light on top it’s easy to ‘blind’ yourself with. Overall, it’s awesome and if there are any left tomorrow (payday) I will be in for 3 more!

Is the headlamp the same as the Meritline one, but just with their brand name on it?

“Runs 3 hours when fully charged for 45 hours”

How convenient!

the one that charges by plugging to the cigarette lighter is interesting, although it is a little long for it to stay in there the whole time. Plus, no lumens output. Don’t want to end up with a 10 lumen light.

Gotten a couple of th energizer 3w/50 lumens rechargeable from woot a while ago, and eventually the car charger all blew up.

edit…the rechargable light has a 1 watt LED and 45 lumens. efficiency is OK, but overall it is not too bright.

I don’t have the numbers on hand, but impressive lumens. Really hard to get hurt with this, really.

I know one of the specs was like 80 or 90 lumens. I’ve got the same thing via another manufacture in yellow, but it’s the same thing. Working under the hood on the Beemer - check. Working under the desk to rewrote wires and crap - check. Working inside the PC case or your cabinet closet - check. Changing a tire - check.

This is what I bought, except, now it is in black, just like this light offered here. See this page for some at least in the ball park specs.

How does it adjust to look down? I don’t see it…looks like it is in a fixed position straight ahead and I cannot find anything online showing differently as of yet…

I just received the multi-function LED light that I ordered. All in all it was a good buy. One fairly large design flaw: The wrist strap is connected to the battery door (which is a slider). Any pressure on the strap and the battery door comes off and the flashlight goes flying.

Kinda stupid, Discovery.

that’s pretty silly.