Discovery Wonderwall Projector

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Discovery Wonderwall Projector
$29.99 + $5 Standard OR $17 One-Day OR $12 Two-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Inb4 waaaaaaahhhhhh


Save your $… this thing is garbage! Resolution is really low, like mid-80’s low res pc graphics.

No HDMI kills it.

I do not think anything I have that makes pretty pictures even has A/V outputs anymore.


Just what I need! If only my laptop had RCA ports instead of HDMI …

All I got from that was it would be perfect for playing SNES games.

I bought this last woot. It sux. Lighting is very poor. Out of date technology. Don’t waste your money.

Save your money for an Optoma PT100 or PT105 if you want a more quality projector for the kids.

Why do you guy have to be hating? After all, it’s a Wonderwall.

960x240 is an awfully odd and awful resolution. It only uses a 60 watt bulb. You’d have to be in a pitch black room to get decent contrast out of this thing.

You could potentially switch out the bulb with a high powered LED light but that would take some MacGyver skills and it wouldn’t fix the issue of low resolution.

/high five

I bought a plasma TV a few years ago without ever intending to get a TV service. I just use it to play my old school video games. :smiley:

Exactly. And for the price, that’s perfect.

Anyone who pays $20 for a projector and expects HD, is an idiot.

I clicked on here to see if anyone had any realistic reviews.

Damm, I Click BUY…Page said

I wanted this For the Kids Summer Holidays :frowning: