Dishes, Flatware & Glasses... OF MYSTERY

“Who know what lurks…”

Okay, you just won the internets of my heart.

Bought the SagaForm tea mugs the last time they came up, and they’re quite nice – except that it should be noted that they have to be handwashed if you want to keep the lovely pink handles. Mine are now just clear glass because I didn’t pay attention; they still work fine, but they’re just … not as cute.

Missed out on the obscure Oneida Vivavti Collection, Marcella pattern, when it was up the other week so I got in on it today. FYI I think it sold out as a regular woot in less than 12 hrs…

Oneida’s flagship factory is nearby so I was just going to go there on a weekend to peruse but I don’t think they can’t beat this deal.

Here’s a link to Oneidas warranty policy… keep your p.o.s if you buy this!!!

Also FAQ’ s link explaining 18/10 vs 18/8 vs 18/0

Hard to find ANY info, but I like my flatware large, which Euro style is supposed to be and this price for 18/10 can’t be beat.

It looks like they closed satellite factories that weren’t in NY between 2003-2005 which may be why info is so scarce on these. not sure you want melamine dishes…YOLO

If you are thinking of buying the bamboo plates, I wouldn’t. See the reviews on Amazon first.