Dishtowels, Cookbooks & Aprons, PERIOD.

Link for the Cahoots Plus Sized apron that clarifies sizing:

1X is woman’s 16-18. Scroll down a bit for size descriptions.

I KNEW if I clicked to look there would be more than just dishtowels, cookbooks & aprons. The woot is a LIE!!!

I must be behind on the lingo kids use these days, didn’t now they called oven mitts PERIOD. Strange kids are…

Do you photos of all 10 colors of the Waffle Kitchen Towels?

Snark! The Full Figured Aprons sold out! Yeah, Woot Nation! WooHoo!

Re: Waffle Kitchen Towels-Set of 6-10 Colors

Cannot really decide since the colors are not shown.

Hey all- Looks like the Waffle Towels are available in the Mosaic Blue, according to the Specs tab. I’ll let the team know there’s a title error. Thanks for pointing it out.

UPDATE: Looks like we’ll have to wait until Tuesday on a solid answer about the color(s). Apologies for the wait.

Once you add them to your cart you can see the color.

Also, as a worst case, you can see the colors on Amazon, too.

Is it really THAT bad over there on Amazon?