Disney airBook 7" Kids Tablet w/Accessory Bundle

Disney airBook 7" Kids Tablet w/Accessory Bundle

What? Packard Bell is still around? My very first computer was made by Packard Bell. My parents managed to snag one with Windows 95.

Wow, we only managed to score Windows 3.11. Remember Megarace??

I got lucky. My mom and aunt went xmas shopping together. They both bought the same Packard Bell computers. For some reason mine came with Windows 95 and my aunts came with 3.11. Mine also came bundled with a bunch weird games. I forget what they were. Other than that, the specs were identical.

I completely forgot about MegaRace. I used to love that game.

Can you put Disney+ on this piece?

Seriously, delivery at the end of the year? Come on WOOT!!!

No kidding! There’s like 6-7 business days remaining! Ample time to get it delivered before the end of the year.

Yeah, it’s not like businesses prepare for this time of the year? I mean the freaking USPS is open extended hours…and that’s a government entity…And, it’s not like it’s saying end of year, it was saying Dec 31st - Jan 7th. So yea, Seriously???

Maybe the pallet of these is in a warehouse far, far away and stuck in the corner behind a bunch of pallets of funko pop dolls that have to sell first before they can ship these. Logistics!

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HAHAHA!!! Maybe they need the Millennium Falcon to get to those pallets in less than 12 parsecs!!! (I know parsec is measurement of distance not time)!


I worked at an electronics store in the 90s and used to sell Packard bell computers, they were the absolute worst in build quality and materials. If this tablet is really manufactured by Packard Bell, I would avoid it.