Disney Mix Stick 1GB MP3 Player

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Disney Mix Stick 1GB MP3 Player
$6.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New Retail Box

Product List:

  • 1 Digital Blue Disney Mix Stick 1GB MP3 Player

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How’s the sound quality?

Does this come with music preloaded?

Here is the product webpage

Here’s an example Amazon page for it. $44.98 seems to be the standard price regardless of skin.

here’s the product website

Amazon prices are all over the place and Woot! is the cheapest!

can these be used as drives for data much like the ipod?

All the specs (PDF).

are they mac compatible?

well when I think sound quality, by god I think Disney!

Don’t these things belong in a landfill somewhere along with all those Atari Pacman games?

How good is the sound?

these can be used to read sd cards if you dont have a card reader

did we decide whether they’re preloaded with music by the artist matching the skin?

The earphones look like they might be the most valuable part of this. They look like they might be a step up from the usually poor quality earbuds that typically come with cheap mp3 players.

Or not.

These are really good Mp3 players. Miles better than the iPod Shuffle. They play WMA & Mp3, They are drag & drop (into the player or onto the card), they use batteries that you can get anywhere rather than having to charge via USB, and they use standard earphones. For 1/7th the price!

Edit: I stand corrected…repeatedly. This unit does require USB recharge. I am familiar with the Disney Mix Micro, which uses a battery.


Sorry for the poor quality post…

the earphones look decent, especially at this price… anyone think that this would be worth it just for them?

Quick question, does anybody know if woot! is cool enough to combine shipping for orders placed on woot! and woot.kids, provided the orders are placed the same night/day? If so, I’m so going toys for tots on both websites, pronto.