Disney Mix Stick Plus 1GB Digital Music Player




seriously? haha

Finally a disney item!

WHY is this not on the kids woot wootoff?!

Are you serious???

The matching item to your Cheetah Girls mp3 player purchased 13 hours ago.

can you say kids.woot?
I knew you could.

This item made me spill my milk

I’m buying two to balance my coffee table!

shouldn’t this be a kids woot?

These are crappy. Glitchy and prone to break.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that means it’s time to go home. /cry

Buy 3, these things are cool!

OK, break time,be back in 2 hours, will almost be gone

oh god there are so many of them1

Which half?

LOL, it probably was and failed… so their bringing it over to the big kids!