Disney Mix Stick Plus 1GB Digital Music Player


Just… no…

here comes the kids.woot crap like last woot off!

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Disney Mix Stick Plus 1GB Digital Music Player
$5.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Digital Blue DS17030 1GB Disney Mix Stick Hannah v1 MP3 Player

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Are the headphones any good?

Heck yeah!

Aaaaand… this Woot-off comes to a grinding halt.

Great for spies. No one detects esponiage when Disney’s involved. Maybe piracy.

this is where the usb chargers came from

How far is it from Bozeman to Hannah?

woot killer?

I’m sure Disney puts some Shure earbuds in there, so your child can listen to their favorite Hannah Montana songs at 64 kbps.

Sneak peek into the bag of crap??? Oh wait, it’s just Miley’s face… MY BAD!!!

buy this is a stocking stuffer for kids and move on

my F5 key just told me not to bother anymore…
damn you hannah montana.

I can’t understand why this product is in overstock. And by the way, that’s sarcasm. We need a font for it.

Really now… This is obviously kids.woot material