Disney Musical Toothbrush Holder


oh come on, this crap belongs on kids.woot

what the eff?!


you’re kidding, right?

These were in our adventure carps. D:

kids woot
and btw pooh never shuts up

wrong woot off

It does, but it still is a great woot price. I paid $4.99. My son loves it!

Uhm… shouldn’t this be on Kids.woot!!!

wow…really? maybe close to xmas or something; if I had a kid

wrong site guys

Honey this, tigger that.

lol - my kids would piss me off with these.

shouldn’t this be in kids woot WTF ?

Got two of the Pooh holders. My two year old loves his. His mother and I loathe it. It goes off without anyone being near it. BEWARE! Pretty sure that’s why Woot has em so cheap. They don’t work right.

So loading up on presents for my lil brother.


Only pooh left…

Holds 2 toothbrush, one cup.