Disney Neon Wall Clock

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Disney Neon Wall Clock [New] - $9.99

1 * Disney Neon Wall Clock

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Lol, wut?

This is pretty cheap actually, does the neon every burn out though?


Gotta have that Tow Mater…

If they had one with Mulan on it, I’d be in for 1.

Cause I’m azn.

And Mulan is awesome.

Let’s get down to business…


Gosh… It’s not “Mator” as the description states… It’s “Mater”!!!

Shame there’s no clock for “Bolt”.

On amazon these are selling for anywhere from $30-$60.

What’s the expected lifetime for the Toy Story clock? Will it go to infinity and beyond?

What’s a Mator?

I guess I don’t want one of these cuz I don’t live in Wisconsin. [based on the map of purchases]

Half past sebastian’s ass?

Perfect gift for niece and nephew. Gonna grab 2.

i just heard the cheers from the trailer park next doow with all the kids. “yay another neon piece o crap to hang on my plastic walls”

Anybody have a clue to how well these stand up to a 3 year old?

Cuz he will find a way to get to his clock.

Wow! Awesome! This will go great with my Snow White wall paper and my 7 dwarves dinner ware.