Disney Pix Max 3MP Digital Camera

More Disney products that they can’t sell themselves!!

bunch of kiddy crap

Oh great…another camera.

Someone buy 30 of these!

This camera should be offered as a combo package with that frame.

for crying out loud, what in pete’s sake is goin on round here

Is there anything Disney won’t put on a cheap digital camera?

oh good I;ve been waiting for a disney themed digital camera all day

At Amazon 4 new from $98.99 1 used from $55.00

At Amazon 4 new from $98.99 1 used from $55.00

These are about as powerful as my very first digital camera from 1999. A decent camera for kids if you don’t mind giving 'em branded crap.

At Amazon new from $98.99 1 used from $55.00

at least there weren’t many of them

kids.woot is thataway →

Complain all you want. I picked up 2 for my little kids to play around with.

How can this be sold out but the Woot Bot says 0 bought 1,2, and three? Huh? C’mon. Inquiring minds want to know.

Um… sold out…zero sales stats… is somethin’ done busted?

Well, if you bought the battery charger, now you have something to use with the battery . . well, two batteries.

Get one for the kids, really.

man i missed these again. I wanted 3 for the kids table at my wedding. drat. I guess next woot-off