Dispense Your Drinks!

Any way to find out what material the spigot is made from on the Style Setter 210097-gb Newport 6Pc Clear Beverage Dispenser Set? Although it states the item is “Crafted from glass and metal,” I’ve seen info like that on dispensers and found that they have plastic/acrylic spigots. Thanks.

I got the Mason 210898-bl Blue Beverage Dispenser a while back. The spigot leaks. It’s not a drip, it’s the clear silicone washers around the glass, they aren’t sturdy enough for the opening. We fixed it with a couple of rubber washers.

The spout is plastic, btw.

The blue is not the color of the glass, it is a film or something applied and is starting to come off at the rub points - it is on the outside, so not contaminating anything.

After all that - I use this all the time for iced tea.

Plastic spigots? Film-coated colors? You can get these things at overstock department stores at better prices. And you get to pick them up, look at them and touch them first, too.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Woot. This is not what you are. These aren’t impulse buys unless they’re half this price.

Do these types of dispensers ever come with metal spigots?

2 or 3 brands of these at Kohl’s…
They all seem to be plastic there.

Rarely. There’s an added expense and many regulations for metal coming in contact with food that vary by state (e.g. California)

If you have a Sam’s Club card, you might try this:

If the link doesn’t copy/paste correctly, go to SamsClub.com and search for ‘mason jar dispenser’. Ships with cute galvanized metal bucket stand that can be inverted to a small bar-table-style ‘bucket of beer’ chiller.

OOS online, but might be available at your local store. The spigots are SS. Just purchased three, one for a gift. Have yet to use them, but I checked the store display sample and it does indeed have a metal spigot.

Anyone know why there’s no condition listed on these? Not New or Refurbished?

These will all be new.