Disposable 3-Ply Face Masks (100-Pack)

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Hey @ThunderThighs I would love a science is like magic but real mask - anyway for those to become an item?

Fully vaccinated and still anti social would be nice too


The nose pieces on some of these are in the wrong spot !

Hell, I think Woot should sell anything that they want. And people should buy anything that they want. I use these all the time when I am sharpening lawnmower blades for customers. Or sanding down resin models. They have plenty of legitimate uses.


You imply Woot! is getting push-back on selling masks…

Are you just bored or something? Nobody is giving Woot! any sort of static on selling these vital PPE’s.


Anyone know if the black masks have a white side against the face?

Hi there. Yes, the side that’s against your face is white.


Not that long ago, a pack of 100 would have been well over $100!! If you could even find them!! My how times change!

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Speaking strictly on topic (wink, wink), I bought these for people who have forgotten or don’t want to acknowledge that there is a mask mandate in my town where my business is located. They fit ok. The ear elastic isn’t that tight, so on smaller faces the fit won’t be as good unless you MacGyver it. So if you have concerns over gaps, please take note. They don’t smell bad or chemically beyond what you would expect.
I wouldn’t wear these for anything where I was trying to do sterile technique.
In short, not a horrific buy for those trying to comply!


The blue masks in my pack have different sized elastic ear loops. The left ear is much shorter, which causes the mask to shift over to that side and not cover the face effectively. Disappointed!

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Tie a knot. I’ve done so. Amazon also sells clips that act like croakees to pull the loops tighter behind head.

Hey guys, you’re going wayyyyy off topic. Please feel free to start a thread for this random discussion in Everything But Woot.


Do these masks definitely have the bendable, conforming nose piece?

Seems to be a Yes - “Nose clasp for optimum fit”

Is now sold out for 1.99

different brand for 3.99 is still available


I have to ask…does this have a usb?

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For a friend, right?

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USB No. But it does work with an OS.
Two in fact. Nose and mouth.


I’ll second the differing ear loop lengths on the blue masks. Mine don’t seem to be as severe as the other commenter noted, but it does cause them to not seal well on the short side. I wouldn’t wear these in public for that reason, but for work around the house (vacuuming, dusting, cleaning the litter box) they’re okay.

The black masks have a different problem, though: they’re upside down. When you put the nose piece over your nose, the folds of the mask are facing up, not down. I don’t suppose this reduces their effectiveness, but it looks w e i r d.

Overall, a disappointing buy from Woot.